Saturday, August 03, 2013

There's a new condominium launching this month at Tanah Merah. Its called The Glades by Keppel Land and Vanke.

Check out the official website here http://the-glades.showflats.sg
The Glades
12:09 AM

Wednesday, March 05, 2008
resistance is futile

Panic attack! 2 more months to go before the exams and I'm still so far behind. I wonder why some people actually enjoying studying. This is my 16th year of formal education and studying has become a freakin' chore. Gotta hang in there for a year more before I say hello to the corporate life.

2008 has been really good so far. More wealth in my pockets, a spanking new awesome phone (N82) and my driving license, finally! But the most important of all... My other half. What would I do without him?! He's almost perfect! We both have some areas to work on aye... No pun intended.

The terrorist situation really baffles me. Maybe it's because I place quite a lot of faith in the police and their ability to keep our streets so secure and safe. Have we been taking life too lightly? Is life too easy here in Singapore? With those enormous amounts of stress? I hardly think so. But the truth is that not everyone leads a hectic life here... I know a few citizens who aren't. In fact, they're enjoying their butts off so much that I can't help but feel a slight pang of jealously (I'm not that envious coz' I myself am a lazy bummer). I don't want to have to slog for the rest of my life, and I'm certainly going to make sure that I won't have to. What really matters in the end is how strong this desire will become. I'm hopeful that my future working life will encourage it further. I ain't gonna be a corporate slave! I'm praying all the time for my business to take off.
11:35 PM

Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Bleach Intoxication

My parents just came back from Hokkaido about 2 hours ago! It's been a Japan week for us... The children that is. We've been (well actually more like my sisters have been) preoccupied with something that's uniquely Japanese... In fact I think it's one of their more healthy creations... ANIME! Specifically, the widely popular series, Bleach. It's infectious... Calling people "teh meh" instead of bastard/idiot/asshole...

One more important news before I sign off... We've just relaunched www.seekz-stompers.com! Please visit and spread the word around. Thank you!

Oh yeah, a couple more days and I'll be flying off to Langkawi and coming back on Christmas.

Happy Holidays :)
9:59 PM

Sunday, December 09, 2007

My grandma turned 80 today. I just came back from a 3 hour long dinner/birthday celebration. What I imagined would be a "one of those usual boring family" dinners turned out to be quite a blast this time round! It was surprising but fun seeing my relatives sing their hearts out and making a fool of themselves. Even my dad and mom joined in! That was a sight to behold. But the embarrassment was worth it coz' it was one of the few times my granny laughed so hard, she was close to tears. I'd give anything just to have a family reunion like that at age 80.

Happy Birthday Mama. I hope you'll get to hold your great grand kids soon.
12:33 AM

Saturday, December 08, 2007
transformations and revelations

I'm amazed at myself. For someone who enters a post every few months to actually sit down and update the blogskin... Well, ain't that amazing. I find my actions rather ironic, that is when I do notice that they are. Anyways, I decided to go with this skin coz' it's simple and I like rock music.

Moving on... It's freaking 23 days left to the new year. And what have you done for the past 342 days? That is something that always comes to mind when the year is coming to a close. It may be an occasion of despair, regret or nonchalantness for the rest, but a joyous one it is for me! Aside from my lousy grades at school and my detached state of mind towards my current education, 2007 has been a awesome year for me! I've really grown, in maturity and mindset. An open mind is the stepping stone to a world of success. Everyone has a unique greatness in them, the only question is not how you're going to achieve it but rather, how much you want it. If your reason ain't big or strong enough, then this reason ain't gonna get you nowhere honey.

Man, I'm such a junkie for TV. I'm presently on a Bleach marathon. I'm not a fan of anime, but this is pretty good shit. Soul Society almost sounds nothing like Heaven though.

Aye folks, gonna deviate a bit here to give a little insight into my business.

I'm in the midst of upgrading my site. It should be ready in less than a week, woohoo! I'm actually pretty glad that we're getting rid of the current website coz' it's not exactly great on navigation and "artistic" value. I'll post again when the new site goes live. Please show support for local stuff!

Another great piece of news; our first production distortion pedal will be available in stores by early 2008! It's called STACKED, and for those interested, please visit my website for more info at a later date.

Damn, it's 334am and I've got tuition to give at 9am. Another late night = Eye bags. Ciao.
3:34 AM

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